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Massage is a very popular option and often books up well in advance.

Our professional Brisbane-based team have studied Chinese Massage (Tui Na).

The practitioners modify the techniques and pressures to suit your unique requirements.

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Adding Massage to your other services, such as Acupuncture & Cupping or Sauna, really enhances your overall experience.

AcuBalance is also known for it’s touch of deluxe, and we are certain you’ll enjoy a lovely wet warm towel at the end of the massage. It might be described as having a big hug!

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Brisbane Massage

Your practitioners have trained in Chinese Massage techniques and are able to tailor the massage to your unique requirements.

You may prefer light or gentle pressure, or medium and firm or hard pressure. We have trained in all styles.

Massage can be completed over clothes or by removing clothing as required. Your therapist is able to guide you on the day.

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AcuBalance offers Massage as an add on service to Acupuncture or Cupping. It is also provided as an option in the Sports Acupuncture.

Massage 30 minutes - $50

Duration: 30 minutes
This service can only be booked via a phone consultation. Our practitioners are trained acupuncturists. We encourage you to seek acupuncture & cupping as first options for treatments.

Acupuncture & 30 minutes massage - Initial: $165 | Return: $155

Duration: Initial 60 minutes | Return 60 minutes

This treatment package provides a great balance of acupuncture & massage. Your qualified acupuncturist is able to offer you a range of massage pressures and styles, this will be discussed during your treatment. This treatment can be claimed on the day via your private health fund. Please bring your card. If you wish to upgrade on the day to include cupping &/or Sauna, speak to your practitioner.

Acupuncture & 15 minutes Massage - Initial: $135 | Return: $125

Duration: Initial 60 minutes | Return 60 minutes
Acupuncture with a massage. Your acupuncturist will be able to make suggestions about treatment schedule for best results. This treatment can be claimed on the day via your private health fund. Please bring your card. If you wish to upgrade on the day to include cupping &/or Sauna, speak to your practitioner.

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Frequently asked questions

This is up to you. You might come straight from work or the gym. For some people, loose fitting clothing is better. All our treatment rooms are private, built in rooms and towels are provided. We will be able to advise you if we suggest removing clothing. If you are uncomfortable and would prefer to keep covered, we are able to accommodate and choose a different range of techniques.

At all times we ask for your consent and check in with you during the treatment. If you would like less pressure, our therapists are happy to accommodate.

All prices are listed on the booking page.

Cupping is an ancient tradition. We use glass cups in our Brisbane cupping treatments. Cupping is an add on treatment to your acupuncture treatment. Book in for our acupuncture and cupping combination treatment.

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The answer is dependant on a number of factors including your current lifestyle and any injuries you might have. Your qualified therapists will guide you further during your consultation.

Our therapists are qualified in Acupuncture and completed many massage subjects in their degree. If you are being treated with Acupuncture and Massage, you are able to claim the Acupuncture.

The health funds have strict rules and stipulate that in order to claim massage, the therapist must complete a separate massage certificate on top of the bachelor degree held by our therapists.

Some therapists have chosen to continue the required study and ‘tick the box’, however currently none are able to offer massage that can be claimed via private health funds.

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Cupping is an ancient therapy that is the opposite pressure to a massage. Instead of pushing down, the cups suction upwards.

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Acupuncture is a therapy which involves small fine needles placed at specific acupuncture points. We pride ourselves at providing a gentle treatment.

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Disclaimer – Each individual’s treatment and / or results may vary from patient to patient based upon the circumstances of the patient’s specific situation. A result is not promise / guarantee from the act of receiving a treatment.