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Senior Acupuncturist

Clinical experience

  • Over 10 years experience
  • Acupuncture lecturer
  • Speaker at IICMC Fertility Conference
  • Formed a not-for-profit organisation
  • Confident in a wide range of clinical conditions


Adele is confident with a wide range of conditions and is considered a clinical ‘all-rounder’.

Conditions often seen in clinical practice include:

  • Headaches / migraines
  • All pain conditions, including nerve
  • Digestion
  • Women’s and Men’s health
  • Fertility & Pregnancy

If you are unsure if Acupuncture is suitable for your situation, please check with the clinic.



  • Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)
  • Brisbane Endeavour College Graduate
  • Professional Association: AACMA
  • CMBA Registration: CMR0001944896
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About Adele

Senior Acupuncturist & Owner

Why I love Acupuncture

Every day I have the pleasure of seeing the significant changes a body can have as a result of acupuncture therapy.

What happens during a treatment with Adele

Adele takes the time to understand your unique situation and health requirements.

During your health intake, Adele will explain the therapy options and how each works for your body.

Adele will provide suggestions on what she recommends for you and may include recommendations for a treatment course if necessary.

The treatment itself is designed to be relaxing. Adele creates the clinical space for you to relax and unwind with the aid of heating lamps and music.

Your treatment time varies, depending on your health needs. Typically the body needs about 20 minutes to make the necessary changes.

How did Adele start in Acupuncture?

Taking care of people has always been Adele’s path. While Adele was backpacking in Europe, she found work as a carer for the elderly. This enriching experience highlighted the importance of preventative medicine to Adele and she came home to learn more.

After starting Nutritional medicine a twist of fate saw Adele venture into Chinese medicine, when she received a complimentary acupuncture treatment which changed her life.

There's more to know about Adele

  • Adele was an invited guest speaker at an Acupuncture fertility conference (IICMC).
  • In 2017, Adele established a not-for-profit association, Acupuncture Now Australia (ANA).
  • In 2021, Adele was voted by the board of directors to be the chair. ANA is a charity which aims to increase the awareness of acupuncture Australia-wide
  • Adele’s Son, Thomas was born in 2019 and he keeps her busy making cubby houses.

Media & Professional talks

Adele has been featured as an acupuncturist on TV programs such as

  • Channel 7 Brisbane’s The Great South East.
  • Adele has also been featured in numerous health articles and YouTube videos.

Always learning & growing

Adele remains up to date with emerging acupuncture and health discoveries through attending regular seminars and maintaining current registration with AHPRA, and AACMA.

Meet the rest of the team

Margi Macdonald Acupuncture

Margi Macdonald

Margi’s clinical interests include: Women’s health: menstrual problems, pregnancy support and preparing for birth, menopause transition
Common concerns: insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, allergic rhinitis (hay-fever)
Painful conditions: lower back pain, sciatica, knee and shoulder pain, neck pain, migraine prevention, tension headaches

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